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I can't believe UDEMY published my IONIC Video Course

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Being a Software Engineer is challenging. Not because it is hard. But because of the fact that you have to be updated with the latest trends and changes happening in the industry. Now you could be aware of these by subscribing to tech newsletters, following influencers on Twitter, etc. Ultimately, you'd have to go and learn about the changes through some articles, videos, or even by reading books. For me, Udemy has been one of the sources of learning and keeping myself up to date with brilliant content from the amazing authors out there.

Anyways, it was a while ago when a Video Acquisition Editor from Packt reached out to me to ask if I was interested in creating a video course on Ionic. As always, I was pretty happy to do something new. Something that adds value to the developers community and something that adds value to my achievements and portfolio as well. So...

I said yes gif

My experience building the course

It took me a lot of time, efforts and patience to build the video course. It was my first ever video course and I had absolutely no experience of recording tutorials at a Pro level. For starters, I lived in Karachi where the weather is usually hot so I had to turn on the fan or the AC, and then the recordings would their noise. And my room had very less furniture, so my voice would bounce of the walls while recording as well 🤦‍♂️

echo gif

I mean I could keep going on talking about the magnitude of issues I faced during the process. I could talk about the fact that due to this reverb, at 3:00 AM when I'd think that everyone is sleeping and I can record in peace in the living room, suddenly roosters 🐓🐓 from the neighbourhood would start crowing. The fact that there'd be vehicles 🏍️ 🚗 going around suddenly on the street that'd ruin the recording. Or that the security guard on the street would whistle 📯 every two minutes. And then I'd be like:

failure gif

Anyways I finally bought some Acoustic Foams from ArrowZoom which fixed the reverb during the recordings. And I also bought the M-Track 2x2 Vocal Studio Pro that I used initially for recording the course.

failure gif

Why you should learn Ionic in 2021

There's no doubt that there are number of ways to build mobile apps and PWAs today. However, it might require specialized skillset depending on the way you choose to build your apps. Here are a few reasons / use cases where you would want to use IONIC for building your applications:

  • You have Web Developers in your team who are well versed in the modern Web Technologies, Frameworks and Libraries. Be it React, Angular, VueJS or just vanilla JavaScript, Ionic works with all.
  • Ionic is not just a framework or libary, it is an SDK with a REALLY STRONG ECOSYSTEM. It has a CLI, Ionic Native that provides capability to use the Native APIs using both Cordova and Capacitor.
  • Strong platform features such as Offline Storage, DevOps support using Ionic Appflow, Single Sign-On using AuthConnect, and the Ionic Framework itself that provides the UI Components, theming and what not.

How the course will be helpful to you

In the course, you learn a lot of things with a Brilliant Real World Ionic Application. You'll learn how to:

  • Build and develop hybrid, real-world, cross-platform applications using Ionic, MobX, and Cordova
  • Integrate your Ionic apps with the SQLite Cordova plugin to persist data in an SQL way on your device
  • Use MobX to manage state with Ionic and build scalable reactive apps
  • Develop and run your applications on multiple platforms using the Ionic CLI
  • Build high-end user interfaces with enhanced functionalities and reuse code to build apps for multiple platforms
  • Create abstractions for application storage to support deployment on web browsers
  • Use Ionic Native to access a device's camera and add images to items Use local notifications to set reminders

Whom the course is targeted to

You should definitely try out the course if:

  • You're a beginner in JavaScript and are interested in building hybrid mobile applications with minimal knowledge and experience in Web Technologies.
  • You're either a React, Angular, or VueJS developer but don't just want to keep your domain limited to building Web Applications
  • You're a consultant who is looking to build a quick prototype of a mobile application using Web Technologies.
  • You're working on your Academic Final Year Project and have limited resource and time.


Building this video course has taught me a lot :) And not just about recording tutorials, but even about Ionic and Angular as I went through planning the course, preparing demoes, recording the lectures and then making sure that the hands-on experience of the course is as close to building a real-world mobile application as possible.

If you're interested in getting the video course for FREE. Reach out to me as soon as possible on any of my socials so you can get one of the 💵 LIMITED TEN DISCOUNT COUPONS 💵 while they last.

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Happy Coding!!!